Saturday, March 8, 2008

Celebration VII - Bloom Street

1) A few of the shops on Bloom Street, Celebration, Florida.
2) Old English phone booth, decorating the outside of Sherlock's Of Celebration. Sherlock's serves soups, salads, sandwiches, and more.
3) Downeast, an Orvis Dealer, perfect for the outdoor enthusiast.
4) A refreshing nap on a breezy afternoon in sunny Celebration.

Both Sherlock's bubbles contain actual quotes from Sherlock Holmes novels.


Southern Heart said...

I would love to step right into these photos (and shop, of course! :)

I *did* need that shovel today...silly me being the naysayer!!

Annie said...

Okay now, how do you do that? You are an expert, no matter what you say.

Fénix - Bostonscapes said...

Neat street, Sherlock. :) And WHAT is that kid wearing? >8@

(Charcoal chutes, eh? The sidewalks must've been a mess on delivery days.)

George Townboy said...

Southern: LOL, I'll shop with you ... you bring the cash, I'll bring the list! This will be the last snow storm of the year for Memphis.

Annie: I will NEVER TELL!! j/k, I already did. Thanks for the compliment.

Fénix: Thanks, Watson. He is wearing the strangest get-up I've seen lately! It looked more like rags than clothes!

Re: Chutes. I can't remember the mess it caused, I just remember the coal sliding down the chute. It was pretty cool!

edwin s said...

That Sherlock Holmes, I tell you... :)

And is it the resting man's skull keychain saying 'boo?'


Sailor Girl said...

This blog is a serious candidate for BEST BLOG EVER!!!! (thanks for CREOULA. It really touched us)


Anonymous said...

Your vists to my blog are welcome and appreciated. Thanks.

I find your style with photos to be so very different. Each picture is more interesting.

Jilly said...

Your photos are just amazing. I can sit and look at them for ages. Just like paintings.

George Townboy said...

Edwin: Thanks! It is the skull saying Boo ... it was a scary sight, lol.

Sailor Girl: You are too kind! CREOULA is awesome! (Weather is too bad here for the beach today!)

OldManLincoln Thank you and thank you, I appreciate it!

Jilly: Thank you so much!

Chris said...

I think one of my neighbor's parents live in Celebration. I'm going to have to remember to ask them.

re: the geese. . .They are around here all year, although they tend to stay near the "lake" in our subdivision most of the time. However, when the pasture behind us floods, they join the cows.

George Townboy said...

Chris: Oh, oh! If that's her father reading the newspaper, tell her I'm just having fun, not making fun!

re: the geese ... the reason I asked is I had a flock of domesticated geese at one time - two males and eleven females. It was interesting!

Jim said...

great photos, the street looks nice and the effect looks super, love the quotes.

George Townboy said...

Jim: Thank you! I appreciate that.

Joy said...

Hahaha. Loving the Sherlock Holmes balloons! It's always fun dropping by your blog.

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