Sunday, March 16, 2008

Flea Market Opry

1) Shirley, performing on the Opry stage at the Osceola Flea Market, on Highway 192, Kissimmee, Florida.
2) The flea market dining area forms a horseshoe, with the Opry stage in the middle.
3) Booth of a vendor of mostly religious knick-knacks.

You can hear the song, I'm A Woman, sung the way it should be, by visiting Bostonscapes by Fénix. You'll find the link on her sidebar.


slim said...

George TB-
I really like your stylish views of Kissimmee. There is so much to look at in each picture and the bubble talk is so much fun . . . you've taken the CDPB to a whole new level.
What a treat!

Fénix - Bostonscapes said...

I got a twenty dollar gold fee that says there’s nothin' that i can’t do.
I can make a dress out of feeding sacks and I can make a man out of you!

Cause I’m a woman.
I'll say it again...

Small City Scenes said...

The vender stalls are full of eerie stuff. I must go check out Fenix's' blog. Sit still. MB

Joy said...

They're all amusing photos - made more so by the balloons :D You're a natural!

Thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and leaving your comments. Terribly sorry I've been busy decorating our new house and in the middle of packing, too. Once settled I shall be able to visit your blog more regularly. Have a great week ahead!

A Pinay In England
Your Love Coach
I, Woman

Uma por Dia said...

Why no one noticed a cute boy among them??????

George Townboy said...

Slim: Thank you very much!! I appreciate your compliment.

Fénix: I had a feeling that with your tremendous talent, you'd be able to sing too!! LOL

Small City Scenes: One woman's eerie stuff is another woman's treasure! LOL

Joy: Thank you! You are always so kind.

Uma por Dia: Come back!!! Look again!!! LOL

Uma por Dia said...

Ok, there it is. I had red twice erlier and I didnt saw it!
Thanks, now I can get on with my life!

George Townboy said...

Uma por Dia: Always happy to help you get on with your life!!! LOL

Carletta said...

"I am woman, hear me roar"....this is the best darn blog done by such a cute guy! ;0

Neva said...

I am woman hear me ROAR....with are sooo funny!

George Townboy said...

Carletta: Flattery will get you EVERYTHING!!! LOL ... Thank you so much for the compliment!

Neva: Remember what my Ma said, "Keep 'em laughing, George!" LOL ... Or was that my Daddy?

Janice Thomson said...

I got such a kick out of these George - besides still admiring your talent with the photos. Awesome!

George Townboy said...

Janice: Thank you so much!!

Isadora said...

:) George you have truly found yourself in this media form. I love it.

BTW tried to call you on the GrandCentral (or have you contact me rather, but there is no opportunity to let the system know that there is a 00 needed to be dialed prior to the rest of the numbers...... :(

The cute photographer will have to do with words again today.

George Townboy said...

Isadora: Thank you so much!

The GrandCentral is a Blogger thing, I found it on the Blogger portal. I'm not sure how, or if, it works for international calls, but make sure you call me when you come to visit your Mom!! I appreciate the attempt!