Friday, March 14, 2008

Kissimmee Lakefront II

I took these photos in the afternoon, March 13, 2008.

1) Port Of Kissimmee Lighthouse, view from a bench near the marina.
2) Man sitting at the base of the Lighthouse. As I approached the lighthouse, I heard a melodic, rattling sound. When I got beyond the wall, I saw this gentleman holding the metal cups up to his ear as he manipulated them with his fingers. He stopped immediately when he saw me, but was cordial in allowing me to photograph him. He couldn't speak English, at least not very well, so he didn't answer my questions about what he was doing. Maybe it's some kind of religious thing?
3) She was using her camera the same time I was using mine.


edwin s said...

The lighthouse shot is hauntingly beautiful.

The shot of the man with his metal cups is a wonderful portrait.

And I hope that man in the last shot didn't break the chain he's sitting on or fall over.

You know, you say you're not an expert in photography but your pictures really are good. You obviously know what you're doing. And then you tweak them like this and make them spectacular.

Oh, I love the composition of the bikini shot from yesterday. :)

George Townboy said...

Edwin: Thank you for the awesome compliments!! I was thinking the same thing about the guy on the chain, lol!

FĂ©nix - Bostonscapes said...

Me no inglis. Looks like he carries a lot of stuff in that bag.

Shoes - sox = sweaty feet. Ugh.

Janice Thomson said...

oooo - love that top photo - that's just plain gorgeous and well-suited to your tweaking.

Anonymous said...

The portrait of the man is just wonderful even if his look gives you the sensation of loneliness.

The lighthouse is great too.

Small City Scenes said...

Great as always BUT in the first picture you didn't tell us what the Cormorants on the posts are thinking. Or do you read only human minds? MB

Mo said...

Great pics again

Clueless in boston said...

Awesome shots.

Kate said...

Thanks for the link to Lisbon and the boats. Spectacular.

I'm always intrigued by lighthouses.

Carletta said...

When I go down my daily blog read, I save you for last because I know I'll walk away from my computer smiling!
Thank you.

Marguerite-Marie said...

I don't write a very good english but leave me to tell you that I visit your blog for the first time I find it absolutely marvelous , but how do you do such a cute thing? I shall come back.

Sailor Girl said...

I just LOVE the seagulls!! I bet they are shouting: «Mine! Mine!» like in Nemo!! The one on top of the thing on the right is AWSOME!!

The man in the second looks so sad and lonely. You capture emotions so well...

gizelle said...

I love doing that, 'I'll take a photo of you while you take your own photo!' Got lots of them hihi.

Sailor Girl said...

«No country for old men» is a tough and a weird movie... I even screamed once, then for three times almost vomited. But this is a realistic movie. It's Life's movie. A strange new World we are living nowadays. I LOVED THE FILM!!!


Uma por Dia said...

For an amateur you take great pictures!!
I like the first one with the birds over the sticks.

George Townboy said...

Fenix: Shoes - sox = sweaty feet. Ugh. Me too!!

Janice: Thank you so much!

Quintarantino: His loneliness seemed even more evident when the camera was not aimed at him. Thank you!

Small City Scenes: Nothing is safe from my innate power!! LOL

Mo: Thank you! I wasn't able to access your site today!

Clueless: I really appreciate that. Thanks.

Kate: You are welcome! Sailor Girl will be happy, I'm sure. Lighthouses are great!

Carletta: You have me smiling. Thanks!

Marguerite-Marie: Welcome, and thank you so much! I look forward to your return.

Sailor Girl: Thank you so much, you are so KIND!! Re: Academy Awards. I should have said, "When I saw Bardem on TV at the Academy Awards." LOL!!

Gizelle: I am always looking for those opportunities! LOL

Uma por Dia: You make me feel great! Thank you!!

Southern Heart said...

I love that lighthouse photo...I think that you could market that one to visitors.

And "people photos" always draw me in. I'm like you in that I would love to know more of each person's story.

I hope that your week will be a good one! :)

George Townboy said...

Southern Heart: Thank you so much, that is very sweet of you!

I've always been a "people photo" guy, but when I look back at my photography, I wish I had broader mix of people and places.

Hope you have a good week too!

Joy said...

I loved the lighthouse photo. I think it's a very romantic shot.

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