Monday, April 14, 2008

Barber Shop

View of Central Barber Shop on Broadway in Downtown Kissimmee.

Sorry about the short post, I'll be back in shape tomorrow. Hope everyone had a great weekend.


Janice Thomson said...

Why are you out of shape? Did you fall out of that tree yesterday?? LOL
Ya gotta quit chasing redheads forevermore!

George Townboy said...

Janice: Those redheads run me ragged - especially the ones hiding in the trees!! LOL

Carletta said...

Love how the shot takes you in and carries you on down the sidewalk!

Redheads Run Me Ragged - sounds like a good country song George!

"Redheads run me ragged,
as I chase those gators down.
Redheads run me ragged,
Cause I'm the cutest guy in town.
Redheads run me ragged...."

Small City Scenes said...

Nobody waiting outside the barber shop---they are all inside talking about the cute guy looking for redheads---errrr...gators. MB

Mo said...

Looks like it could be a scene out of a Western(movie).

Anonymous said...

Hope your not so good shape is nothing much.
As for the barber, since I left South Africa that I didn´t see those signs on a barbershop.

Sailor Girl said...

Thank you! I had a sort of great weekend. Hope you're better tomorrow!

George Townboy said...

Carletta: You crack me up!!! Writing Country Songs on the spot ... wow!! Nashville here she comes! That's really cool, thank you so much!

MB: My M.O. has been revealed, lol.

Mo: The whole Downtown does!! They are slowly edging into the future, lol. Hey ... you missed Gift Shop Follies a few days ago ... check it out the next time you come by.

Quintarantino: I love it when I find a barber pole to photograph ... they all seem unique. I didn't mean to imply I wasn't well, I was just too busy with visiting family yesterday to do much blogging. Thanks!!

Sailor Girl: You're welcome! I'm glad. I will be!! LOL

Daniel J Santos said...

excellent image.

Quero dizer mais um excelente momento, muito bem.

George Townboy said...

Daniel: Thank you very much!

Neva said...

what a fun photo....I took my mom to the braber shop yesterday so she could get her hair the barber' mother....too funny.