Friday, April 11, 2008

Fish Tales

So, I pull up, park, get out to walk, and discover I'm within a few feet of Mr Five Poles. I ask him what's up with the reduction in fishing poles, and he tells me he's taking a break, lol. "You catching anything?" I ask.

"Finally! I went a month and a half without catching a fish!" he says.

"No way! A Month and a half?" I ask, shocked.

"Yes! Really. They're biting now though. I got one yesterday afternoon, and so far three today!" he says, happily.

"Wow," I say. "They are biting!"

"Yes! And the gators are around now too. I saw one round the bend!" he exclaims.

With that bit of info, I departed on my search for the gator. I found a beautiful woman out for her mid-day walk, but no gator. When I got back to Mr Five Poles, he tells me I missed it, I could have got a picture of him catching number four! Just then his line tugs, and you see the results!


Small City Scenes said...

Well he sure has a big grin on his face. I guess five is his lucky number now. MB

George Townboy said...

MB: I didn't even connect the numbers, lol ... you are right!! He was definitely proud of his catch!!

Carletta said...

A lot of work so few few fish!

But on a beautiful day - who cares :)

Southern Heart said...

Beautiful women never fail to make an impression, do they? :)

I love that last photo!

George Townboy said...

Carletta: He told me he used to catch 14, 15, 16 a day, but it hasn't been like that in a long time. Had no idea why, either.

It was a gorgeous day, and he cracked me up when he told me he saw the gator round the bend!! Made my walk that much more interesting! LOL

Southern Heart: Beautiful women do impress, especially when you're going round the bend looking for a gator and are suddenly confronted by stunning beauty!! Who could forget?? LOL ... thank you for loving that last photo, I actually thought of you when I posted it, because I know you love flowers and figured decorative grasses are sure to be a favorite as well.

Ben said...

Fewer poles... Sounds like a good plan to me... More manageable.
you had a great time with the guy and thanks for sharing the story.

Anonymous said...

The first photo is very nice, not to see it's great!

Champ Townboy said...

Ben: You are welcome! Maybe the fewer poles did result in more fish! LOL

Quintarantino: Thank you!! I just took another close look at the photo, after reading your comment, and I like it more now than I did before! I'm amazed at the things I didn't see the first time around!

Marguerite-Marie said...

you know in france we must not tell a Fisher "good Luck" especially if he is superstitious.He will think he will had bad luck.

Janice Thomson said...

Like all these but especially the last one George -that would make a super painting.
Think if I saw a gator I'd be long gone from there LOL

Sailor Girl said...

How sweet...

George Townboy, regarding my yesterday's post (and applied to my today's also...) you should watch the movies as soon as possible or buy/rent the DVDs... They are wonderful movies!!!

Daniel J Santos said...

Já te disse que este é um excelente blog ?

Acho que já, mas repito, este blog e este trabalho em fotos é excelente.

Sorry about the Portuguese, but for me it's the better way to tell you the amazing blog that you have.


George Townboy said...

Marguerite-Marie: That's interesting! I wonder if these fishermen have the same superstitions? I'll have to ask one day.

Janice: Thank you! You have a great eye for art. I saw a nine foot gator today!! See my Champions Gate post for the low down! LOL

Sailor Girl: You definitely have me interested in the movies ... especially the second one you posted about. I'm going to try to find them, seriously.

Daniel: Thank you so much!! You are very kind ... and I enjoy your comments in Portuguese!

cocabixinhos said...

Now you have to tell other fishman that many poles dont give good luck.