Sunday, April 27, 2008

Multi Tasking Expert

This guy was walking at a pretty brisk pace, reading his book, and getting the bug out of his nose, while staying straight on the sidewalk!!

The rest of the story he's reading is in the comment section for those that are interested.


George Townboy said...

Flawless Beauty Tips For Plain People

How To Stay Young

Past grief, old angers, revenges, even past pleasures, constantly dwelt upon - all dead, decaying or decayed thought - make a sepulcher of the soul, a cemetery of the body and a weather-beaten monument of the face. This is age.
The women who never grow old are the student women - those who daily drink in new chyle through memorizing, thoroughly analyzing and perfectly assimilating subjects apart from themselves. Study is development - is eternal youth. The student woman who makes wise use of her acquisitions has no time to corrugate her brow with dread thought of the beauty-destroyer-leaping fast behind her.
Neither considered nor invited, old age keeps his distance. Brain culture, based on noble motive, means sympathy, heart gentleness, charity, graciousness, enlargement of sense, feeling, power. Such a being cannot become a fossil.

Anthropology student said...

That's me!!!!!!!
I cant stop studying! Thats what I'm doing right now while reading your comments and scratching my back!

George Townboy said...

Dear Anthropology Student, what did I tell you about Sweet Old Frogs hurting themselves laughing!! LOL

Anthropology Student said...

Take a seat, study, dont watch TV, laugh a lot, walk a lot and dont get old!

Note: unpredictable students loves fossilized frogs too.

Small City Scenes said...

Well, well, well!! bugs in noses and studying women or women being studied. Which is it? I know I am NEVER going to get old. So there!!!
I did have frog legs once. We caught them in an old farm pond. There were huge. Truthfully I don't remember if I ate any (I think I did) but I remember they twitched when cooked.
PS. thanks for visiting my blog and being nice to me. mmmmmm

Janice Thomson said...

I love it George - and it works for this plain old girl!

Carletta said...

Yep, teach says study, study, study! But what must I do for the smiley wrinkles you put on my face on a daily basis George?

George Townboy said...

Anthropology Student: LOL ... I like the way you summed it up!

MB: The thought of eating frogs legs makes me ....

Janice: Ahh, I'm glad!!

Carletta: Botox!

Thank you all for your kind comments ... sorry it took so long to respond, but I was out hunting treasure all day!