Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Queen Of The Seven Seas

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I have decided that strolling along the Kissimmee Lakefront is good for my health. I get my exercise, get some sun, and get to meet new people that inevitably boost my spirits. These two gentlemen were great! They are here on vacation from Atlanta, but were more interested in playing their guitars than fishing ... the woman with them was doing the fishing, and she told me she was expected to catch dinner, lol.

After my informal Queen Of The Seven Seas poll, I went to the Kissimmee Lighthouse, where I stumbled upon the following scene!

The cowboy on the bucking bronco is a symbol of Kissimmee. Rodeo Day takes precedence over President's Day.

If you haven't been to the blog of Lugre Creoula de 1937 yet, you are missing out on seeing one of the most beautiful four mast ships in the world!


Ben said...

Another FUN post. I enjoyed very much!

Lynette said...

Your walks are as much fun for all of us as they are good for you, GTB.

Carletta said...

You seem to find the most interesting people.
These guys had some serious guitars and amps to go with them!
We could have had a fish fry party!
A little fish, a little wine, a little music....

Small City Scenes said...

Very funny GT.
By the way---who got to be Queen of the Seas?Love your pics and posts. MB

Small City Scenes said...

Page two.....When are rodeo Days?
You could ask the flying specks. Good night, MB

George Townboy said...

Ben: I'm glad you enjoy it! FUN is what it's all about on this blog, lol.

Lynette: Thank you! I'm glad I was able to find a way to combine my need to laugh with my need to breathe!

Carletta: Party animal! I thought they were band members, but they were just having fun.

MB: Sailor Girl is the only one that can rule The Seven Seas ... in my opinion, lol. Rodeo Days were Feb 15th - 17th, and will be held again June 6th - 8th. Twice a year. The Flying Specks know everything! LOL

Anonymous said...

If SAILOR GIRL is to become Queen of the Seven Seas, I want to enlist as pirate under her command.
UMA POR DIA wouldn´t be bad as ship mate!

Daniel J Santos said...

Excellent and funny post.

Your right, the Creola it's one beautiful ship.

Janice Thomson said...

This was great George! Just the humor I needed to start my day. Enjoy these posts so much.

Uma por Dia said...

I dont want to rule anything, thanks! I just want to be a TOURIST! Any places left?

George Townboy said...

Quintarantino: I'll be your assistant! Uma por Dia wants to be a TOURIST!

Daniel: Thank you, I'm glad you liked it. CREOULA is awesome!

Janice: Thank you so much! I like to make you laugh!

Uma Por Dia: Are you sure??? LOL ... there are some; try the beach at the St Cloud Lakefront park!!

Sailor Girl said...

Ah ah ah!!!
(Pirate Girl and Kuka Girl were grounded, but they send you a big hug)