Monday, April 7, 2008

Searching For Janice

Of course, no one could find Janice at the Celebration Spring Art Festival, she was on her computer creating her superb images! If you haven't been to Drinking The Moon or Beyond The Mind's Eye yet, you're missing out.

The art festival was pretty cool. I ran into one artist that jumped in front of my camera to block me from shooting his work ... he said he didn't want the image ending up in China where his artwork would be mass produced. So, after that, I was careful about what I shot.

Update: I've deleted the blurb I had in here about changing the way I post in order to qualify for membership in CDPB. I won't be changing anything about this blog. Thank you all for your concern and input! I appreciate it.


Small City Scenes said...

I will go to Janices' blog and find her. AND I am going to miss all the pictures and captions. Are you giving in?
As long as you are still around. MB

Small City Scenes said...

I'm back. I found Janice. Exquisite!!! Specially Beyond the Minds Eye. MB

Southern Heart said...

Join, and then you can be a rulebreaker again ;) (not that I would know anything about such things...).

Fun series today! :)

George Townboy said...

MB: No, I'm not giving in ... I'll still have plenty to say in the pictures, and they may not like that anyway. We'll see what happens.

Southern Heart: LOL ... I loved the six or eight photos you posted today!!

Neva said...

HI GTB...I don't think that the CDPB is THAT have a lot to post from where you live! You will be a great addition!!!I welcome you in advance....hey....they let me join so how stringent can they be?

Neva said...

BTW....over on my blog, they had the house designed just for them. They took quite a bit from some of the houses in Celebration and some from Disney. I love their house....lots of detail I would not have thought of.

Uma por Dia said...

Ohhh!! I like this blog the way it is, so original and funny|

Jim said...

Looks like there were quite a few artists at the festival. Janice has great work on her sites also.

Carletta said...

Art Festivals - I love them! Would have loved to have tagged along.
I saw lots of clouds in that one guy's art - I wouldn't loved his!

Best of luck George with the CGPB.You deserve it! But, I'll be here regardless!!!

Janice Thomson said...

Oh my gosh George! How hilarious. These were wonderful - looks like it was a great art show!

Thank you so very much for endorsing my blogs - what a wonderful and unexpected surprise!

On the serious side I have heard before that work is taken off the web too and sold in many places as well as China - hence I don't keep archives.

Again my thanks George and thanks as well to everyone for the lovely comments.

Ben said...

Another very enjoyable post.

Hyde DP said...

I don't think posting more than one a day is the real issue with CDPB - I now gather the wrong URL was submitted.

That these are not straight photos but manipulated *could* be a problem.

George Townboy said...

Neva: LOL ... I was rejected a month ago, and have never been given a specific reason why, although I did suspect it was because of my unique style of presenting my photos. That was just confirmed by Gerald.

Uma Por Dia: Thank you!! I answered you on your blog! I appreciate you!!

Jim: It was a busy festival, for sure. I'm curious about how much art was actually bought.

Carletta: Oh, you'd have loved this one ... the setting is perfect!! All the shops, restaurants, and beautiful people in one little cozy setting.

As far as this site goes, "I ain't changin' nuttin'." LOL

Janice: The festival was fun ... have you ever displayed your work at one of these? It actually seems like grueling work, all the setting up and tearing down, but maybe it's worth if for some of them.

What a perfect setting it was for me to create a little tribute to your artwork, though! Glad you liked it.

Ben: Thanks!! I always appreciate your input.

Hyde DP: So, I am a mind reader?? LOL ... I wish 'they' could have just said that in the beginning! Thanks for helping out!

Julie at Virtual Nexus said...

All the best with the blog change.
Good laugh this one....and thanks for the multi-tasking compliment on mine.
Much appreciated - they'll engrave that one on my tombstone!

George Townboy said...

Julie: Ha!! I just updated this post while you were leaving the comment, lol. I'll not be changing anything. Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

Don´t you dare change a single thing here ... this is one of the coolest blog I know, so since I'm part of the public and once the public is always right ... right?

Small City Scenes said...

YAY!!!! We love ya just the way you are. Everyone comes here to see you so why change a thing. Good for you.!!!!!!!! MB

Sailor Girl said...


Hyde DP said...

I'm only hazarding a guess as to why your blog may have been rejected - I could be wrong - I don't make the decisions.
I noticed on the forum this morning that sailor girl had posted a message with a different URL in it.
Anyway if you get in you get in and if you don't you don't - you qualify for my Around the World listings so I'll be dropping in from time to time.

Sonia said...

Wow! What a great, original and amazing post! I just went from Janice and I enjoyed so much her works! You did a good job here, George! Well done!

Uma por Dia said...

I'm so glad that you changed your decision!!!!!!!!!
Kissimmee Comic Book Style FOREVER!!!!!!!!

George Townboy said...

Quintarantino: Right!! I had a moment of insanity, lol.

MB: Thanks!! I appreciate your opinion ... a lot!


Hyde DP: I hazarded the same guess, and actually had made up my mind not to change anything before your comment last night. I appreciate you looking out for me, though, and the link on your Around the World listing! Thank you.

Sonia: Thank you so much!!

Uma Por Dia: FOREVER!!! LOL ... You have a big influence on me!!

Uma por Dia said...