Sunday, May 11, 2008

Frustrated Fisherman

A one photo post! Again. But this one is because I wanted to devote a minute or two to telling you mothers: Carletta, Mary Beth, Janice, Lynette, and all mothers that visit this blog, that even though you aren't my mother, I wish you the very best for Mother's Day and every day!! You have my deepest respect and admiration for what you do and have done, as does my mother and the mothers of my children. Thank you so much!!

Who ran to help me when I fell,
And would some pretty story tell,
Or kiss the place to make it well?
My Mother.

~ Ann Taylor, My Mother


Janice Thomson said...

Aw George that is very sweet of you. Thank you. Loved the quoted bit of verse you added. :)

George Townboy said...

Janice: You are welcome ... you deserve it! Have a great day!

Carletta said...

I am sitting here at the end of my day after cooking dinner for my Mom and my brother and his family and having spent a wonderful day and I find this little note that truly touches my heart.
I bet you are probably very cute just as you've told us; but I know for sure that you are very,very sweet!
You must hug your Mom for me too -
SHE did a wonderful job!

George Townboy said...

Carletta: I'm thrilled that you enjoyed the post!! Happy Mother's Day - again!!

Small City Scenes said...

Thank you so much. I do appreciate the thought. MB

Sailor Girl said...

How sweet!!