Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Herons & Gators

I was driving by the Lakefront this morning when I noticed a Great Blue Heron on one of the piers, so I pulled over and took a few photos. Then I noticed the Great White Heron hanging around a little way down the embankment, so I drove down to get a few shots of him. There was a fisherman there that pointed out a Gator to me. I know this is almost impossible to see in the photo, but his eyes are shining just above the water. The fisherman told me there are always Gators in that area, so I'll be hunting them in that spot until I get 'em!


Small City Scenes said...

Them darn gators. You have a compulsion about them huh. I like the second picture. It looks like the Heron is in a ballet. MB

Ben said...

Ok, I kind a got to see that.
If you didn't marked where it is, I can not noticed. I enlarged, is that real and not the photoshop work?
Well, I believe you, so I'm also hoping you catch them in more clear shot.

I like the second shot, too.

coca said...

Great second shot!!

George Townboy said...

MB: I do enjoy looking for them, but I have more of a compulsion for the herons! The ballet dancer had just taken off from where I shot the first photo!

Ben: That's real. I caught him just before he went under, and never would have noticed if not for the fisherman.

Coca: Thank you!!

Anonymous said...

The photo of the heron in an almost flight to be is great!

Janice Thomson said...

Loved the bubbles on the first pic LOL. Great photos yet again George.

Carletta said...

"I would never hurt you - just stand still while I shoot you."
Poor confused bird - LOL!

George Townboy said...

Quintarantino: Thank you, Sir!!

Janice: Thank you so much!

Carletta: LOL