Monday, May 5, 2008

A Redhead In Celebration

I went to Celebration this morning and decided to walk a trail I've been driving past every time I go there. There are trails all over the town, and apparently they ultimately lead to the lake in the downtown area.

1) The beginning of the trail I took - a cement walkway.
2) Wetlands are bridged by wooden walkways.
3) A beautiful woodpecker that I came upon suddenly - she was at the bottom of a big pine when I rounded the bend, and I scared her. She landed on the tree you see here and I took a quick shot before she flew off. (The subject is more important than the quality of the photo! LOL)
4) The trails lead into neighborhoods, many with parks and ponds. This burned out house was by a pond where I found this ...
5) Great Blue Heron, standing very still in the water. He didn't move the entire time I was there. You can see the water is dirtied by the ash from the fire.


Small City Scenes said...

Hi George, I removed what I wrote because I mis-spelled a word and it came out very bad specially where it showed up. I am giggling.
so I complimented you on your photos--felt sad about the poor house--and called the birds zippy and frozen and that's about it. Sorry. MB

Ben said...

You have a very nice walkway. Nice to spend a hot day to cool down under the tree canopy, I guess.

cocabixinhos said...

Great shots and beautiful walk!
Next time invite me too!

Anonymous said...

There I could almost feel like Tarzan!!!

Janice Thomson said...

I see what you meant George about the woodpecker LOL. Wonderful shots! That looks like a pileated Woodpecker - we have those too. Love that blue heron but how awful the water must be for him.

George Townboy said...

MB: Ah, you should have left it - everyone would have had a good laugh! j/k, of course! Thanks for the compliments.

Coca Cutie: I sent you a wire, you didn't get it?

Quintarantino: I can see you swinging on a vine right now!! LOL

Janice: It is a Woody The Woodpecker, and a large one, although that isn't so apparent in the photo. It's hard to see, but she was looking directly at me, with her beak open.

George Townboy said...

Ben: It is nice and cool in there ... I'll have to go back when the sun is really burning!