Sunday, June 1, 2008

Great Blue At Lunch

I was a little obsessive in shooting this Great Blue Heron trying to down an enormous fish! You can see the original of the shot above and one hundred and fort-nine other pictures of the event in a Picasa Web Album I created. If you do, viewing it as a slide show is recommended, and you'll have an option to speed up the time between slides. Look At Great Blue


Uma por Dia said...

Half fish with the head crushed! LOL
Good choice!

Thank you for link :)

Carletta said...

Ole Blue is as persistent getting his lunch as Cute George is in getting the photo of it!!
Yep, ole blue "fell in love at first sight" with that fish and wouldn't let go! ;)

Janice Thomson said...

That's a heap of work for one meal! I'd have given up and looked for a smaller fish LOL. I was surprised the heron didn't use his feet to hold the fish down. Great shots George.

Small City Scenes said...

I have read about Herons choking because the fish was too big. Cool picture though. Did he/she ever get it all down? MB

George Townboy said...

Uma Por Dia: Thank you, and you are welcome!! I hope you enjoy the slide show.

Carletta: Reminds me of a line from a poem I read once: "I did but see her passing by, Yet I love her till I die."

Janice: I thought he was contemplating that when he got onto the rocks. Thank you!

MB: Nope, never got it down! He looked pretty stressed there a couple of times when he had most of it in his throat - then he'd spit it back out.

cocabixinhos said...

I enjoyed it a lot! like a moovie.

Lake Lady said...

Makes us appreciate our hands, much less our knives and forks! Great work!