Saturday, June 21, 2008

Random Shots

The gateway to Historic Downtown Kissimmee, located at the intersection of Main Street and Hwy 192.

A view of Broadway in Historic Downtown Kissimmee, looking south from the intersection of Neptune Road. The downtown area is currently enjoying somewhat of a renewal, with the building of the City Centre offices and condos, and renovations of some of the older buildings. The long roof seen in the upper right of the photo is City Hall, which is on Church Street.

On the other side of downtown, Al's Pizza, busy from morning till night, serves up a quick and inexpensive lunch.

I was privileged to participate in a post which appeared on Bostonscapes by Fenix. Check it out if you have a minute and haven't already seen it! Thanks!


cocabixinhos said...

The place is beautiful, the people no. LOL

George Townboy said...

Coca Cutie: Well, I don't know what to say to that, other than LOL!

cocabixinhos said...

"That's perhaps I didn't shoot myselve?"

Janice Thomson said...

I like this town of Kissimmee - it's a very pretty area. Lovely photos as always George.

Small City Scenes said...

I wrote out a comment and then it disappeared.
I visited Fenix's blog and enjoyed the tour and info. What a neat thing.
The Pizza joint looks like a guy thing. MB

Carletta said...

Wonderful shots of everyday life.
MB says the pizza place looks like a guy thing - I'm thinking that's just another good point! LOL!!