Monday, March 3, 2008

Celebration II - Jewel Box

1) Jewel Box on Market Street, Celebration, Florida.
2) I took the picture of the signs, flag and clock, and inadvertently caught this little kid enjoying the day with his Mom.
3) What she really said: "Look at the cute guy with the camera!"

I'm not vain, I'm just joking!


Fénix - Bostonscapes said...

Even the cars look good comic book style (to me, at least, who hates cityscapes plagued with them).

Hyde DP said...

I especially like the bottom one.

Bergson said...

I discover your blog: coloured and amusing
long life!!

Sailor Girl said...

Me too! I'm visiting it for the first time to thank you for your comment and... WOW!!!! THIS IS REALLY IMPRESSIVE!!!! WOW!!!!

But... how dare you visiting Europe and not coming to Lisbon??? Shame on you!!!
You must come to Lisbon and bring your swimming suit!!! ON THE DOUBLE!!!

Great blog you have!

Sailor Girl said...

May I post the first picture in this post on the right column of my blog Atlântico Azul, with a link to your URL??? Thank you!

George Townboy said...

Fénix: Thank you! I'm not afraid of cars anymore, lol.

Hyde: I wasn't really chasing them, lol. Thanks.

Bergson: Thanks you! And I discovered both of yours ... very cool!

Sailor Girl I love your reaction to this blog! I'm packing, right away, bathing suit last item into the suitcase, so I'll be ready to hit the beach! ... I would be honored to have you put the picture on your sidebar! Thank you.

Sailor Girl said...

GREAT!!! The beach is awsome over here!... Thank you, I'll post it right away!!! (Bergson's is also one of my favourite's... Le Guilvinec... very beautiful)

Dick said...

You pictures are INTERESTING and I think you know what you are doing.
Thanks for visiting.

Joy said...

Loving your photos really! You have got to tell me how you do it. Which buttons on photoshop do you use? :D

Thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and for leaving your comments. Much appreciated. Do visit again!

A Pinay In England
Your Love Coach
The Goddess In You

Nathalie said...

My first visit here - your photos certainly make a strong impression, and I love the humour in your captions. I'll be back !

Nathalie in Avignon

Dorothée said...

Thank you so much for your visit and nice comment. Bravo also for doing the French exercise on my blog. You did great and deserve A+. Next week your words will be published.
BTW, say hi to your mother from me :-)

Dorothée said...

Now, regarding your photos, I was wondering how you can realize such cool effects! They are really awesome and so artistic. And you call yourself an amateur!!!! Well! I dont' think so :-)

Kate said...

Your photos are unique and unusual, and obviously quite popular with bloggers. Where's a photo of that "cute guy?"

Thanks for visiting my blog while I was offline; I appreciate it!

Uma por Dia said...

Kissin yourselve is not being vain? :)

George Townboy said...

Dick: Thank you, I appreciate your comment.

Joy: I'm glad you like them! LOL, I don't have PhotoShop.

Nathalie: Thank you for stopping by, I appreciate it very much.

Dorothee: You taught me everything I know about French ... those years in High School were a waste! Ask my Mother, lol. As for being an amateur, I am.

Kate: The picture's in the vault, lol. Thank you for the compliment. I loved that house you pictured today!

Uma Por Dia: Ouch!

Uma por Dia said...


raf said...

congrats for the idea!!

the pictures look amazing, is that the Disney effect to the Kissimmeeans?? ;)

keep it up!

George Townboy said...

RAF: LOL, that could be it!

I just went to your blog ... we started CDPB on the same day!

Lynette said...

Why is there a golden bow on the US flag, please? And I love the color and drape of that hoodie tied around the waist of the skater.

George Townboy said...

Lynette: I have no idea. I'm going to stop by the shop and ask. It is actually part of the flag, not something added to it. Is that even legal? I never even noticed the hoodie. It is cute!

Neva said...

Your blog is very entertaining....certainly doesn't look like an amateur to me!

George Townboy said...

Neva:Thank you so much!

edwin s said...

The last one with the skaters is divine. You made the sunshine even sunnier. :)

Sailor Girl said...

Ah ah ah!!! «Uma por Dia» was funny!!
I also thought you meant «Kiss Me» , as with our lips almost closed you cam almost hear «kissimee!»