Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Celebration III - Day Dreams

1) Day Dreams, a specialty shop on Market Street, in Celebration, Florida.
2) Window display of some of the dolls Day Dreams sells.
3) Entrance on Market Street ... Dancing Bears! (Topiary, I believe -
they don't move.)
4) Enjoying the lake at Celebration. Thank you so much Fred for allowing me to publish this photo on Kissimmee Comic Book Style.


Small City Scenes said...

I love your photos. the colors ar amazing. Whatever you are doing you are doing it well.

Bingo cannot flip a bale one-handed---well he actually has no hands. He can tear apart loose hay chasing the cat in the barn.

Jules said...

Hi - these are such fun!! So original - would make great framed prints or gift cards.

edwin s said...

Hi Buck. Hello Fred :)

I love the doll shop. I agree with Jules too. Fancy printing some and sending them to your fellow DP members as postcards?

Sailor Girl said...

I just loved the last photo, I mean Cartoon, I mean... the Thing! (hehehe) WELL DONE!!!!

Rambling Round said...

Oh! To live in a town like Celebration! Went there a long time ago, and your photos bring back the memories.
I love the picture of Fred and Buck.

Fénix - Bostonscapes said...

I have fallen in love with Buck! :)

George, I just noticed I forgot to add a (lovely) mural to the post I published today so I updated it. This one was not there in the seventies, btw ;D... See it

Joy said...

I really have to know how you do it! I love your photos - they're way better than comics! :D

Thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and for leaving your comments. Do visit again! Hope you're enjoying your week. Feels like Friday already to me!

A Pinay In England
Your Love Coach
The Goddess In You

Chris said...

Well, being the dog-lover that I am, I like the photo of Fred and Buck the best, but I do like the others, too! Are you using Photoshop, Illustrator or another program?

Ben said...

Just so much fun to look at those.

raf said...

The camera loves the dog, great!

George Townboy said...

Small City Scenes: Thank you for the compliment! Bingo sounds like a fun dog.

Jules: Thank you! I hadn't thought of that.

Edwin: Thank you ... that's an interesting idea!

Sailor Girl: Ha! You crack me up. Thank you!

Rambling Round: I'm happy to do that! Thank you.

Fénix: I just heard from Buck, through Fred of course, he fell in love with you too!

Joy: The secret's in the mail, lol. Just kidding with you; it's a simple bitmap manipulator I use, nothing sophisticated, and I just stumbled on it. Thank you for the compliment.

Chris: Fred and Buck are the clear winners today, forget Clinton and Obama! It is not a photo program I use at all, it's just a simple bitmap manipulator.

Ben: Thank you!

Raf: The dog loved the camera too, lol.

Thank you all for you kind comments.

Neva said...

If you look at my past photos, the house across the street from mine is designed from many different houses in Celebration. What a cool place!