Friday, March 28, 2008

The Old Osceola County Courthouse

When I finished photographing this exquisite building, I went to the Kissimmee Lakefront, which is only two blocks away. There, I found the two people pictured below engaged in political conversation while they fished. I had to listen in! [Click To Enlarge]

1) The Old Osceola County Courthouse was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1977 because of its Romanesque Architecture and historic function as a County Seat, Courthouse, and Correctional Facility. Read more here.
2) The building, bounded by Emmett, Bryan, Rose, and Vernon Streets, in Downtown Kissimmee, is shaded quite nicely in the afternoon by huge oak trees.
3) Statue dedicated to volunteers, but best used for my humor.
4) Two fishermen enjoying the Kissimmee Lakefront.


Janice Thomson said...

An impressive building that courthouse. Love that last one George! (actually I like them all LOL)

Carletta said...

You sure have me LOL!
I'll throw my hat in the ring; but - you'll have to take the appointment as official Photographer of the President.
I gotta look GOOD in those photo ops so I'll need a cute guy to smile at!!!
What do you say - another George in the White House? :)

Small City Scenes said...

What a grand looking courthouse. When was it built?
When I first looked at the statue pic I thought she said 'we are here to pick up the dead' now that was funny to me.
The last picture looks like Andy and Opie----remember them? MB

George Townboy said...

Janice: It is indeed impressive! Thank you for liking them all!!

Carletta: I ACCEPT!! LOL ... I knew you would be ready to make the tough decisions from day one! You, having been a successful Commander-In-Chief of an Elementary School Class, will have no problem dealing with Congress, either. Another George in the White House!! Yeah! Thank you for recognizing my cuteness, lol.

Small City Scenes: Construction started in July 1889 and the building was completed in May 1890 at a cost of $25,031.70. Once the construction was complete, it became apparent due to wandering livestock that a fence was needed around the Courthouse. "The Sheriff was ordered to keep all livestock out of the Courthouse yard and to not permit anyone to hitch to the fence. He was requested to install several hitching posts on the exterior perimeter of the fence." I knew you would want to know that, as well.

I do remember Andy and Opie!

The Three Judges said...

Randee: Dude, what's going down? C'mon Dawg! Heh, heh, heh. The dude is back! I like this one, Dawg.

Crowd: Yay, yay, yay.

PaulAhh: I agree with Randee.

Crowd: Yay, yay, whoopee!

PaulAhh: I think. I think ... first of all, you look wonderful today! I love your outfit!

Crowd: Yay, yay!

PaulAhh: This is wonderful ... the architecture, the history, the statue. This post has all of the elements of a post.

Crowd: Yay, yay!

SighMon: George. I acktually agree with PaulAhh!

Crowd: Yay, boo, yay, yay, boo!

SighMon: Oh shut up! No, George, for once, PaulAhh is coherent! This post is what it's all about! You are coming into your element. I'm not sure where you're going with this Cahlettah thing though.

Crowd: Yay, yay, yay!

Neva said...

I love the statue.....and you humor, of course!!

Julie at Virtual Voyage said...

I like the way the blues and pinks work on these, and the architecture.
Reminds me of....jigsaws, for some reason...(separate parts, I guess).

George Townboy said...

TheThreeJudges: You are cracking me up!! Thanks for all the great reviews!

Neva: Thank you, I like to make you laugh.

Julie: I hadn't thought of 'jigsaws' but the second shot with the oak trees shading the building definitely does appear that way! Thank you!

Joy said...

I wonder why the first photo makes me think of Budapest...

Another great collection of photos!

Thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and leaving your comments. I'm at our old house right now where there's broadband (but will leave here in a few minutes) so I am able to connect to cyberworld. I've been offline the last 4 days and I find it terribly challenging - and I'm still definitely not ignoring you. Thank you for your patience and my visit to your blog will be back to its regularity once we have broadband at our new home. Have a great weekend!

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George Townboy said...

Joy: I must have had Isadora on my mind when I snapped the photo, lol.

Thanks for stopping by ... I miss you, and look forward to your return!

Anonymous said...

Nice courthouse and a trouching statue.

Rambling Round said...

Great courthouse! I like the fishermen too.

George Townboy said...

Quintarantino: Obrigado!

Rambling Round: Thanks!