Saturday, March 29, 2008

The New Osceola County Courthouse

After I photographed the courthouse I went to ~ you guessed it ~ the Kissimmee Lakefront, where I started my informal and highly unscientific poll concerning preferences for the first woman president. [Click To Enlarge]

1 thru 3) The new Osceola County Courthouse, which occupies Courthouse Square along with the old Osceola County Courthouse and the Osceola County Administration building. More information about the courthouse here.
4) Fisherman enjoying the Kissimmee Lakefront.
5) The gentleman's five fishing poles, hard at work while he relaxed.


Chris said...

Did he end up voting for Miss Carletta? :-)

My favorite photo is the last one tonight. . .just love the poles all lined up.

If you get a chance to stop by my blog Sat., I have a great story to share!

Day4plus said...

I think I like the old courthouse better. More interesting. What will the man do if all poles hit at once. Yeehaw!!! MB

Jim said...

Funny, he really did have 5 poles lined up.

Fénix - Bostonscapes said...

I've seen people with two or three fishing lines, but five? Nevah. Greedy guy. What kind of fish people catch there?

Janice Thomson said...

I was surprised to see he really did have five poles heh.
Very imposing building the new courthouse but I too like the old one better.Neat photos again George.

Carletta said...

The new courthouse is impressive, but I have to agree that I like the old one best.
My favorite pic today is the last one with the poles all lined up, the chain, and the shadows.

I see my fifteen minutes of fame just got a little longer! LOL

If this guy can handle five poles at once maybe he would accept a position with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife! I need the vote! ;)

George Townboy said...

Chris: He was holding out for a lucrative political appointment! Thanks! I'll be sure to stop by your blog.

Day4Plus: The Old Courthouse is much nicer in my opinion too. This guy was so relaxed, he must know the fish aren't biting!

Jim: You'd think that was a big operation, but he made it look simple, lol.

Fénix: What kind of fish? Why, the kind that bite, of course. LOL ... I got a picture of a guy with a 5 lb Bass the other day and the lake is known as one of the best in the county for Bass fishing ... a lot of tournaments are held here. Other than that, I'm not sure. I'll be sure to ask though.

Janice: I agree, older better, just like me! Thank you, lol!

Carletta: It is unanimous (almost), the Old Courthouse and the Five Poles are the favorites. I'm so glad you're such a good sport and don't mind the nomination. This guy would definitely make a great Cabinet Secretary ... that position is cabinet level, right? LOL

Day4plus said...

Thank you so much for looking after me. Somebody has to. Also thanks for visiting my other blogs. I fixed the Strawberry Hills link but how do I delete the spam stuff? Again THANKS! MB

George Townboy said...

Day4Plus: When you log in with your Day4Plus account and go to the comment section you should see a little bucket at the bottom left of the comment. Click on that, then check delete forever, then click on delete.

Neva said...

HI the 5 fishing poles... I do wonder what would happen if they all caught a fish at the same time, but unless this is early, early in the morning...not much chance of that happening!
You might enjoy this ---or not!

Sailor Girl said...

(sorry, couldn't resist)
Love, from sunny Lisbon,
Sailor Girl

George Townboy said...

Neva: Thank you! He probably had friends waiting close by to help close the deal, that is, of course, if they could close-in in time. Thanks for the link to laughs!!

Sailor Girl: SAILOR GIRL!!! WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?? Love back at 'ya.

The Three Judges said...

Randee: Yo, yo, yo. Dude, what's going down? C'mon Dawg! Heh, heh, heh. This is very classy, Dawg. Another courthouse; I like it. And the five poles, Dude, nice touch.

Crowd: Yay, yay, yay.

PaulAhh: I agree with Randee.

Crowd: Yay, yay, whoopee!

PaulAhh: I think. I think ... first of all, you look like you belong up there. You are shining in all your colors and the textures of your look.

Crowd: Yay, yay!

PaulAhh: This is marvelous ... the fisherman, the poll, the ... mmph, well, you just look great.

Crowd: Yay, yay!

SighMon: George. I acktually disagree with Randee and PaulAhh!

Crowd: Boo, boo, boo!

SighMon: Oh shut up! No, George, I don't think this post is as good as they say it is and I don't think you are as good as you think you are. And I think those shoes you are wearing today are horrendous. Sorry.

Crowd: Boo, boo, boo!

George Townboy said...

TheThreeJudges: LOL ... you guys are cracking me up!! Two out of three isn't bad, I guess, lol.

dot said...

That man knows how to fish!

George Townboy said...

Dot: If I were in the market for lessons, he'd be my teacher. LOL

Sailor Girl said...

Any vacancies for legal aliens at the Courthouse?? I miss a good'ol "brainstorming" Ah ah!...

Well now I must go to sleep. It's difficult though.

George Townboy said...

Sailor Girl: Once they know it is you, they will make a vacancy!! LOL

I hope you can sleep and be refreshed for tomorrow! Have a good night.

Sailor Girl said...

Thank you, I will try...
Good night!