Sunday, March 30, 2008

First United Methodist Church

This is a test: After I finished photographing this beautiful and historic church, where did I go? Right. [Click To Enlarge]

1) First United Methodist Church at the corner of Church Street and Dakin Ave in Downtown Kissimmee.
2) The church, built in the Late Gothic Revival architectural style, was placed on the National Register Of Historic Places in 1994.
3) These guys make fishing look easy!
4) I asked him if he was catching anything. His real response was, "Nah!"
5) Sun Worshipers on the remains of the docks at the old Kissimmee Yacht Club building.


Janice Thomson said...

I love the stained glass windows on the church. It almost looks like little ghosts in each section :)
That last photo is stunning George!

Southern Heart said...

Very lovely architecture is a favorite of mine. I loved all of these photos today!

I hope that you're having a great weekend. :)

Small City Scenes said...

A fine and solid looking church. I bet you went fishing---just to annoy the man already there.
The last photo is cool looking---of course the birds are not talking
AGAIN. hehe. MB

PS. You should stroll through a thrift store or collectible shop once in awhile and pretend you aren't looking for anything and that is how you find good stuff. If you are looking for something you will never find it. Natural law!! Enjoy! MB

George Townboy said...

Janice: Thank you so much! The stained glass is different. I'll have to do a little ghost hunting and see what I come up with, lol.

Southern Heart: Thank you very much! I thought you'd like this one, since you come from the City Of A Thousand Churches! I hope your weekend is going well too.

Small City Scenes: I thought about your Holy Houses blog when I was posting this one. As for fishing, I don't, but I do annoy, lol. As for the birds, they're not talking, but we know what they're thinking! Don't we? LOL

P.S. That's the best advice evah!! And I think, "If you are looking for something you will never find it. Natural law!!" just might explain EVERYTHING!! LOL

Carletta said...

Love the church George! I thought on first glance it looked like a castle; then I scrolled to the door - still evokes castle to me!
Very beautiful post for a Sunday.

Hope you are having a wonderful sunshiney day!

Rich said...

Howz the fishin down there in Fla these days?

Lynette said...

The church looks wonderful in both photos, but ai think my favorite of the group is the Sun Worshipers! I can hear those gently lapping waves. Nice, nice, GTB!

Uma por Dia said...

Now you climb up trees to annoy the fishermen?

George Townboy said...

Carletta: Thank you! It does have that 'castle' look. Hope your day is sunny and bright also!

Rich: There's a lot of fishing going on, that's for sure! Stop by tomorrow, please, I know you'll enjoy the post. Thanks for stopping by. I've been so negligent in not visiting your blog!

Lynette: Thank you so much! I had a feeling that photo would appeal to you.

Uma por Dia: I MISSED YOU!!! Sometimes I'm in the trees, sometimes I'm in the clouds, and sometimes I'm hiding in the bushes, lol!! Welcome back!

Sailor Girl said...

You made my day again. Thank you!...

George Townboy said...

Sailor Girl: You made mine too!! THANK YOU!!

Sailor Girl said...

Has CDPB replied to our questions??
I left you a message there. Hope you will be able to participate n tomorrow's Month Theme!!!!

Neva said...

What a great group of photos. I have notice more Methodist churches that are very pretty recently...have I just not noticed or assumed they were something else??lol.