Sunday, March 23, 2008

On The Road I

Isn't this guy great? I was traveling down Highway 192 in Kissimmee yesterday and came upon a group of about twenty bikers. They were in the middle lane, I was in the left lane, we were doing about 55 mph. I spotted this guy with the Viking helmet, and HAD to get this picture. I pointed the camera out my passenger side window, while still looking straight ahead, and snapped the picture as I went by him. He looked over at just the right time! I'm sure I read his mind correctly. (The photo is not cropped, and I was alone.)

HAPPY EASTER everyone!

For those of you that celebrate Easter religiously, I have created a special post for you, and placed it here.

Now posted on Celebration Daily Photo: Horse Drawn Carriage


Annie said...

Bravo, what a catch. And I bet you read his mind perfectly.

Chris said...

Oh, George! I do the same thing sometimes. However, I never get that kind of photo. I love it!

Janice Thomson said...

I agree with Annie :) What a priceless photograph!

Carletta said...

I think that's my picture on his arm, the hat brings back memories, it was a long time ago - I was young, I..... :)

You couldn't have planned a better shot - I love it!

Happy, Happy, Easter!

George Townboy said...

Annie: Thank you, thank you. I did!

Chris: Daredevil! LOL ... Thank you.

Janice: Thank you! You have an eye for art ... LOL.

Carletta: You're killing me!!! My sides are hurting from laughing so hard! Happy Easter to you!

Small City Scenes said...

I try that once in while too.
At least you got a good shot and he wasn't giving you any special hand signals. Haha MB

Ben said...

Sure he is! And perfect timing, it's difficult even if you were not driving.

George Townboy said...

Small City Scenes: LOL @ the hand signals.

Ben: I can't get them that straight and clear when I'm standing still!!

Chuck Pefley said...

Actually I think most 2-wheeled riders like the attention ... especially those on Harleys!

I love the consistency you've achieved in your process! Very effective, and your addition of cartoon styled text is really quite fun.

Sailor Girl sent my to your blog, and I'm happy she did. I'll be back again. Really creative and fun stuff. ~Chuck

George Townboy said...

Chuck: You're right about the attention, of course! He wouldn't be wearing that Viking helmet if he was shy, would he, lol.

I appreciate you compliments ... thank you very much for visiting!