Monday, March 24, 2008

House Of Blues

Instead of going to Downtown Kissimmee yesterday morning, I went to Downtown Disney, because I knew you wouldn't mind.

1) House Of Blues water tower ... a beacon of hope for the Blues lover.
2) House Of Blues ticket booth.
3) People leaving the club after the Gospel Brunch, which is offered twice every Sunday morning.
4) House Of Blues gift shop ... always busy!
5) Napping in front of the House Of Blues Front Porch Bar. It is not easy being a tourist! (Taken at approx. 11:45 am, March 23, 2008.)
6) Taking a little break from all the walking. I'm always on the lookout for beautiful women!

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Rambling Round said...

Don't mind Downtown Disney one bit! I don't remember the House of Blues though. Must be after my time.

Fénix - Bostonscapes said...

I really like #4, very nice.

(Notice that this effect seems to work best when the color blue isn't prevalent?)

Carletta said...

If the cute guy were a Disney character who would he be, what face would he hide behind...hmmmmm!

Too bad, the lovely ladies didn't visit The Wise One for some Crocs before they walked all day!!

As always, lots of smiles!

Janice Thomson said...

I like the dude sleeping on the bench LOL and the third one with the comments from the statues :)

edwin s said...

Who is this cute guy photographer everyone keeps talking about? :)

I love the 3rd shot. All the different textures and I love how my vision is drawn straight into the middle where people are inside the club.

Hey, thanks for visiting KL:DP everyday.

Small City Scenes said...

I knew it!!! It's you always chansing them girls. The cute one, right? so they say.
zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz MB

Anonymous said...

I wonder you the hell is the cute guy that we are always seeing people talking and thinking about?

Most popular guy ... :)

The photograher is a good one also, but ... no way ... you' re the lucky one that all those cuties consider pretty...

George Townboy said...

Rambling Round: HoB has been there since '97, when Disney expanded Downtown Disney with the West Side.

Fénix: Thank you!

(I have noticed. It has a lot to do with weather, also. I'm learning, lol.)

Carletta: Not Goofy!! LOL ... I need help writing, O Witty One!

Janice: There's one good looking tourist, lol! Inanimate objects are easy to think for.

Edwin: I'm always alone when I'm taking these pictures, lol. Thanks for your compliments ... it is a pleasure visiting your blog.

Small City Scenes: So they say .... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

Quintarantino: You crack me up, my friend, lol. Thanks!

Sailor Girl said...

Do they play «Blues» over there? I loooove Blues!
When will you show up in one of your cartoons???

dot said...

Funny for sure! I can't remember a thing about Kissimmee except that many folks pronounced it wrong. Love the pictures tho.

Sailor Girl said...

Why don't you join the CDPB???

Marguerite-Marie said...

I do like your blog! it's a break for me.

Jim said...

George, I'm the guy lying on the bench catching up on my zzzz's :)

I'm with the Sailor Girl, why don't you join the CDPB so we can put you on our favorites list!!

Ben said...

#4 is best of bunch. Nice one!

George Townboy said...

Sailor Girl: Maybe I'll show up as a Blues singer, lol!

My application for CDPB was rejected. If you want, you can see my post on the forum Here. Thank you!!

Dot: Thank you! I was trained right from the beginning, on how to pronounce Kissimmee.

Marguerite-Marie: Thank you so much!

Jim: I thought I recognized you, lol!! See my answer for Sailor Girl re: CDPB. Thank you!!

Ben: Thank you!! You and Fénix both like #4 ... I appreciate it!

Sailor Girl said...

REJECTED??!!! I MUST CHECK THE LINK YOU GAVE US!!! REJECTED!!!! How could it be possible??????

Sailor Girl said...

I've just checked the link at the forum. And consider that you fulfilled all the requirements to be accepted. So I do not understand why you were rejected. One may post several photos, that is no problem, the rules do not forbid it. One must post photos on a daily basis. I may post two photos, for instance of Lisbon and Tumbuctu. At least one must be of Lisbon.

I tryed to leave a post reply but the forum keeps asking me to register. I repetidly register and when I return to the forum to leave a reply the forum asks me to register! It may be a temporary problem. I'll try again later.
I will ask them to accept you, because my participation at CDPB will be jeopardized. You are one of my blogs of reference at CDPB!!!

Sailor Girl said...


Sailor Girl said...

(Sorry, I've already found Jim completely Clueless in Boston)

Coca Cutie said...

Love this post!
Now: "I'm always on the lookout for beautiful women butts!"