Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Wolfgang Puck Cafe

1) Wolfgang Puck Cafe, Downtown Disney. Cirque du Soleil can be seen in the center background.
2) Outside dining area.
3) I was photographing him photographing them, lol.
4) She's reading Moby Dick. I have no idea why!

I found this information about the cafe, on a Disney info website:

Dine like the stars do by feasting upon the inventive creations at this exciting, upscale eatery. The unique infusion-style cuisine provides an energetic ambience, rivaled only by the creative cooking exhibited on the menu. Enjoy singular sensations like smoked salmon pizza, coriander, and the delectable baked meringue Key Lime pie. You'll "wolf" it down!


Janice Thomson said...

Busy place - food must be good! Like the stonework around the main doors.
That processing sure works well with yellow. Wonderful as always George.

Small City Scenes said...

So What exactly is Downtown Disney?
I mean I can see it is a mall type of thing I guess but I have never heard of it. Way out west we never hear anything. Your photos and of your comments are always very interesting. MB

Fénix - Bostonscapes said...

Smoked salmon pizza, coriander and key lime pie singular sensations? A meat 'n badaydas eater wrote that!

George Townboy said...

Janice: Thank you! The restaurants are always busy ... mostly tourists, some locals.

Small City Scenes: Thank you for the compliments! My words couldn't explain this place, so here's a little info I got from the Disney World website:

Come together to indulge in big-city fun in an area alive with excitement, unique shops, restaurants and entertainment! Explore Downtown Disney® Marketplace, home to the largest Disney character store in the world; Downtown Disney West Side, with its top-notch restaurants, theaters, shows and amusement; and Pleasure Island, a partier's paradise of live performances and nightclubs. Downtown Disney

Fénix: Pandering to the goormuhnd.

Small City Scenes said...

George, thank you. Sorta mind-boggleing, I guess. MB

Sailor Girl said...

Continuation: «You'll "puke" it down later, don't worry»!!
(sorry, couldn's resist...)
Great post, as usual!!!!!!

Sailor Girl said...

I've managed to leave a post reply on the Forum! A small message, but I hope it will help, so help us God!
We need you as a CDPB member, George! You are so cute!...

(I am aries, so I won't stop until I crash something hehehe... I'm kidding, of course... Baaaaahhhh Baaahhhhhh)

Carletta said...

Always a "virtual vacation" day when I visit you!

(My next truck ride - you can go along anytime - I'll drive - you can the pictures.) :)

Carletta said...

oops - that was supposed to be you can take the pictures not CAN the pictures ;)

Daniel J Santos said...

another excellent moment.

Boas imagens, este blog é fascinante pelo trabalho que aqui é feito, muito bom trabalho.

Marguerite-Marie said...

I, french, I find that the menu is not so marvellous...we don't wolf down pizza unless we are starving..
Il like this stories.

George Townboy said...

Small City Scenes My pleasure.

Sailor Girl You crack me up!! Thank you so much for taking up my cause!

Carletta: I'm glad you feel that way! I accept.

Daniel: Thank you so much!! I'm learning, and could pretty much understand your Portuguese, but ran it through a translation software anyway. Thank you!!

Marguerite-Marie: I couldn't agree more about the menu, lol! Thank you!

Ben said...

I found "Enjoy singular sensations" part funny and I just find Fenix beat me this opinion (again!). Well great mind... Good post George.
This comic style one is fun too look and follow the all those captions. it's fun!

Julie at Virtual Voyage said...

Some years since I've seen this, but this is a very apt way of interpreting it. Been there, done that but probably didn't buy the t shirt!

George Townboy said...

Ben: LOL @ the copywriting ... those ad guys will say anything! Glad you enjoy it, Ben!

Julie: Ahh, someone that has actually experienced Downtown Disney! I didn't buy the t-shirt either, lol.