Wednesday, March 26, 2008

World's Most Unique Monument

1) Monument Of States, 300 East Monument Street, Kissimmee, Florida.
2) The four sides of the top say: World's Most Unique Monument.
3) When I saw this couple enjoying each other in this loving manner, I had to ask if I could take their picture.
4) Two women enjoying the day at the Kissimmee Breakwater.

More information about the Monument in the comment section. The Lakefront is only a block from the Monument, and I love people, so I had to get a couple of photos!


George Townboy said...

Monument Of States

Dedicated by U.S. Senator Claude Pepper in 1943, the 40 foot high Monument of States was designed by Dr. C.W. Bressler-Pettis. Built from stones furnished by tourists, governors, a prime minister and President Franklin D. Roosevelt, the monument contains 1500 stones collected for 22 years, including meteors, stalagmites, petrified wood, teeth and bone, and represents every state in the US and 20 foreign countries.

Dr. Bressler-Pettis oversaw the design of each stage of construction and was the sculptor of the 562-pound concrete bald eagle that perches on the peak of the monument.

About The Artist

Dr. C.W. Bressler-Pettis was for many years one of Kissimmee’s best-known and most flamboyant personalities. Left a fortune on condition that he graduate from medical school he duly attended and graduated, accepted his fortune and settled down to become an artist instead.

The good Doctor was a devoted member of the Kissimmee chapter of Lions International and attended many state and national conventions driving a gold Cadillac with a life-size gilded lion on top of it. Both sides of his car were adorned with the name that he strove unsuccessfully to substitute for his home town, Kissimmee. His choice: KissMe.

Janice Thomson said...

What a unique monument! I had to look at it a couple times it's so different. Love the eagle on top. Thanks for the info!

Carletta said...

I had to look for my state - found it!
Love the clouds around the flag in the first picture.
Very happy looking couple - great picture!
The heron with the ladies - he just stood there? He must have been waiting for them to catch his lunch!

George Townboy said...

Janice: You are welcome! It is interesting, to say the least.

Carletta: I shot the monument at just the right angle ... just for you! LOL ... I'm such a fibber. I should have thought of that though! What's wrong with me?

The Happy Couple ... thank you for the compliment.

The heron was very patient, and stood still the entire time I was there. The lades were very pleasant, I'm sure they were throwing him some of their catch.

Mo said...

Certainly a unique momument. Love the couple fishing.

Sailor Girl said...

You have a unique sense of humour, I specially love the way you give colour to feelings and highlight problems in life that are so common to all people around the World, like the one about the mortgage (and some days ago, when you captured a man's loneliness).

Housing loan rates are increasing a lot in Portugal and, from day to day, it is getting harder and harder to pay them and even to live. Some years ago I was involved in a project that could help invert the tendency of building new houses for acquisition, through legislative and administrative measures that would give preference to the rehabilitation of the existing houses (namely the inhabited ones) for rental.

People would be given incentives to rent (and not to buy), the owners of the houses would be given incentives to rehabilitate them, the Government would cease to allow new constructions, etc.

We even had a motto: «So many empty houses, so may homeless people» («Tanta casa sem gente, tanta gente sem casa»).

The bank, insurance, law firms and construction lobbies didn't like it and the project was ended. The entity I then worked for was extinguished. I got really depressed.

Sorry for all this bla-bla, but sometimes I have to let it out.

The happy couple in the photo that has finally managed to pay the mortgage were one of our targets.

This could become a better World and people could always live happier if they had less worries...

I wish I could do more, I wish people and Governments all over the World could do more, I wish I had the mental strength to look at homeless people sleeping outdoors at night and sleep on it.

Sailor Girl, in a Blue Mode Today

George Townboy said...

Mo: Thank you, the couple fishing is one of my favorites!

Sailor Girl: Thank you so much!

There is no such thing as "bla-bla" on this blog - you are welcome to vent and can write a book, I'll read it!! There is no better way to get to know someone than to listen to what's on their mind! You have a beautiful mind!!

Sailor Girl said...

You think so? I think I'm becoming Jodie Foster on the movie «The Brave One». Did you watch it? Incredible performance.

George Townboy said...

Sailor Girl: I haven't seen the movie, but just looked it up online and found this: Sailor Girl "sets out on a dark psychological and physical journey for revenge and justice" but ends up on a beautiful beach in Cascais, sipping mango fruit smoothies while she surfs Blogland! Same movie?

Sailor Girl said...


Kim said...

Sailor Girl sent me this way saying you'd like support for your blog being a CDPB member. Let me know what would be helpful, as I don't know of what problems you've had trying to get linked.

Also, as I scanned your fine page I noticed you had lifted my copyright warning word for word. Oh, the irony of it all! Did I hear from you about that? ;^)
Best to you,
Seattle Daily Photo

George Townboy said...

Kim: Sailor Girl is so sweet to be working on my behalf ... however, I have no idea how you can help, because it seems this blog doesn't comply with the basic rules and regulations of the CDPB, which is one photo a day of a particular city.

Re: Copyright notice. I just checked your blog, and your notice doesn't appear to be the same as mine. In any case, I believe I "lifted" mine from the University of Maryland.

Thank you so much for the compliment and the offer of help, I appreciate it immensely!!

Anonymous said...

That sure is an odd monument, but then I guess not all sorts of monuments or art must appear and be made the same way.

Those two that have just paid their mortage do really have good reason to be so cheerfull ...

George Townboy said...

Quintarantino: The "artist" was kind of eccentric, lol. An, you are right, they do indeed have cause to celebrate!

Small City Scenes said...

It is a very strange and different monument. but what a history it has.MB

Lynette said...

GTB, all of your posts are such neat, interesting ones that I thoroughly enjoy looking every single time. And this monument to the states thing is fantastic. I can't thank you enough for having put it up on your blog so that I could find it and read about it and see it. Thank you so much!

Coca Cutie said...
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Coca Cutie said...

Awesome monument! Love it!
Why didnt you return there and took some more?