Thursday, March 20, 2008

Orange World

1) Orange World's neighbor, Waffle House, with a great looking sign and a beautiful row of distribution boxes.
2) Orange World, another great looking Kissimmee Gift Shop, on Highway 192.
3) Sample lady is always busy,
4) as you can see!

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Chris said...

There is an Orange World in Ft. Myers near our son's place, too. I love it! ;-)

Can you tell me how you're identified on the portal? I can't find you except to go through your comments.


George Townboy said...

Chris: Orange World is great! I wonder, now, how many locations they have?

You'll have to link me, or put me in your favorites, as I am not on the portal. My membership was rejected by the CDPB.

Carletta said...

Good Morning.
'Orange' you glad I stopped by? ;)

Wanna go for breakfast at Waffle House and have a glass of orange juice? We might find a paper or two or three to read!!

Small City Scenes said...

MI cannot believe there are actual stores that look like that. As you said before--Disney influence.
Bt the way--of course Niblet is cuter and loves to snuggle too. MB

George Townboy said...

Carletta: You crack me up! We'll go for breakfast as soon as we get back from the beach, lol!

Re: those boxes. They've been removed by the city - they call it their Beauti-Vacation project. I'm so glad I got this picture just before they scooped them up!

Small City Scenes: More unique shops on the way!!

Niblet is adorable!

Anonymous said...

Holy smokes. I betcha a dollar to a donut the Orange House has more business than the Waffle House. It sticks out like a sore thumb and swallows up the Waffle House.

Imagine this:
Take a picture of your car with your seated in it, going down the super highway at 65 mph. I just put this on my Brookville blog this morning.

Mo said...

ha ha these places make me laugh.

George Townboy said...

OldManLincoln: You are so right! (Loved your post today!)

Mo: Every time I see one of these unique and whacky gift shops, I wonder how you'll respond, lol.

Kate said...

I wonder why your membership was rejected?????

Lynette said...

You mentioned breakfast at my blog, and lo and behold, there's the Waffle House sign rising up out of your blog. Neat. I had half of an orange with my oatmeal this morning--California, not Florida though, I guess it's a proximity thing. Wonderful shots of the giant orange.

Isadora said...

I LOVE the Waffle House and Denny's. Miss having Sunday breakfast there.

Never saw a citrus stand like that though - nice! You can almost smell the frangrance.

Blessed Easter to you and yours George!

Annie said...

Um yum. Although you show some kids there I imagine most children would prefer the oranges in candy form. But I, like the adults you show, would hover over the oranges, buying enough for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Rambling Round said...

I wonder how they built this roof! Can't beat those fresh oranges.

Uma por Dia said...

Those distribution boxes called me out, those are normal gifts? Poor parents!
This is the biggest orange in the world until locals in dubai see this blog.

Anonymous said...

Give me a sweet and juicy orange and you will lite a smile on my face!

Janice Thomson said...

My goodness I've never seen so many different paper stands!
Love those oranges too - we need something like that here. Delightful photos as always George!

George Townboy said...

Kate: I emailed a response to you. Thanks.

Lynette: Wow, food must have been on my mind, lol.

Isadora: Now I'm hungry again, lol. Happy Easter to you and your family too!

Annie: Now I know what to get you for Christmas!

Rambling Round: Good question. It looks like some kind of flexible material they used.

Uma por Dia: They like to outdo everyone in Dubai!

Quintarantino: Mine too!

Janice: Thank you! You are so kind. Imagine collecting a copy of each paper just to find out what there is to do in the area?

Neva said...

I know I have never seen this when I was in Florida a few years ago because HOW COULD I MISS IT??? nice shot.